Market Research & Business Development

A product launch, a marketing campaign, strategic planning for market entry, sourcing volume end-users and/or partners, even coordinating any of these in a timely fashion together with attendance at trade shows, with technical magazine publications and with industry topical seminars – all a prerequisite for experienced personell with the necessary industry experience and relevant international contacts.

The ideal partner possesses in-depth knowledge of the publishing opportunities, sufficient scientific and industrial understanding to quickly grasp and recognise a technology's potential as well as the breadth of experience and contacts to realise who might be interested.

Putting Photonics into Context can provide all of this for you. With over 30 years of experience in photonics research, industry & marketing, the right tools are to hand for building a robust bridge for innovative technologies into and out of the photonics market, into and out of Germany, in particular (but not only) with the UK & USA.
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