Since 2004, Putting Photonics into Context has either been principal or joint-author, or ghostwriter on a large number of photonics-related articles, documents and reports.

Articles have been published throughout the recognised technical press (EU, USA). Numerous others have appeared in 'company internal' publications. Most are in English and German, with some translations into French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. An appropriate search reveals a useful spectrum of the work that is freely available online. Other work is either buried behind a portal registration, an upgraded portal has left older content ‘shelved’, or a company buries content so deep, that it is not easily found. If requested, it may be possible to dig up any ‘lost’ material on a particular topic.

The following link to a random string of articles penned by Putting Photonics into Context through the years:
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In addition, Putting Photonics into Context has been principal or joint-author of a number of market and technology reports. Although most are not in the public domain, some are available for a fee. Topics have included silicon photonics, laser diode technology for THz generation, high-resolution Raman spectroscopy, ultrafast laser processing and the European photonics event landscape (among others). See also Manufacture of Photonics Components: A European Perspective (2012).

Previous clients for either of these activities (articles & reports) have included:
AMS Technologies, Anteryon, CDA, Codixx, CPM Compact Power Motors, eagleyard, EPIC, Fianium, Fraunhofer ILT, High Finesse, IMT Masken & Teilungen, Instrument Systems, Laser Focus World (Pennwell, USA), LightTrans, Ocean Optics EMEA, optics.org, Optocraft, Schäfter+Kirchhoff, Schott Advanced Optics, Sensofar-Tech and Sensofar Medical, SPIE, SPI Lasers, Time-Bandwidth Products (now Lumentum Ultrafast Lasers) and others.

Editor-in-Chief, Laser+Photonik

From 2009 until mid-2013 Gregory Flinn was Editor-in-Chief of Laser+Photonik, then a leading German technical magazine on all things photonic. His activities were key to making the often technical submissions ‘readable’ both in German and in English. In total this comprises roughly 30 issues @ 8 articles/issue. In almost all cases, the feedback from the authors was exceptional. The title Laser+Photonik was absorbed into Photonik in mid-2014, all articles can be found in the archives.