Press Liaison and Marketing & Business Development for Photonics

Small businesses often need small solutions. Nevertheless, appropriate strategic business solutions or technical article placement services should not be compromised by poor insight, inadequate planning or sloppy execution. Foresight, thoroughness and professionalism are still critical aspects for the success of a product launch, for a marketing campaign, for business planning and for effective article preparation – regardless of the company size.

Putting Photonics into Context provides consulting services, strategic planning and marketing support appropriate to your company size and goals – perhaps for the introduction of new technology, when looking for relevant EU-funded collaborations, when attempting to improve market awareness or even when seeking out specific industrial end-users to accelerate product up-take.

Putting Photonics into Context can also provide comprehensive article preparation, placing your technology in the proper context appropriate to the publication and the markets being sought, and including all liaison with web- and/or hard-copy publishers for effective, trouble-free placement.
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